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Meet the Artist

Hi! I'm Asia Anderson of Marigold Art Studio. I currently reside in the northern Virginia area. My art journey has been a winding road with a few pit stops. I was enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University and majored in Sculpture in 2008. I left the school at the beginning of my junior year and moved from my hometown of Richmond to the northern part of the state. There I started a family and took on the role of a stay-at-home-mom to my two kids and two dogs. After a decade, I took a leap of faith. I picked up my passion for art and began to attend pop up shows, exhibitions, and created a website that you are reading right now. 

I explore different mediums like oil, and acrylics, but I often reach for watercolors. I love how the flow of watercolor can have a mind of its own and how that flow can also be controlled with practice. Combining and balancing the unpredictability with control can create varied textured and layered scenes and narratives. My paintings are inspired by my environment, childhood memories, and my family. I invite you to join me on my winding journey. Thanks for stopping by!


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